The legacy of Wright & Ditson is woven into the early fabric of American sports history. Founded in 1871 by Baseball Hall of Famer George Wright and Boston businessman Henry Ditson, the company became a purveyor of tennis, golf and baseball equipment.

Wright & Ditson was known for its precision and craftsmanship, manufacturing the finest tennis rackets, golf and baseball equipment. Wright & Ditson would become a supplier of athletic goods to the entire nation, throughout its history the company shared a special relationship with the city and professional baseball teams of Boston. Wright & Ditson supplied uniforms for every Boston team from 1871 until 1907, including the Red Stockings, Red Caps, Beaneaters, Nationals, and Americans.

“George Wright never had any equal as a fielder, base runner and batsman, he was really in a class by himself.”

Hall of Famer Jim O’Rourke

Of all the products manufactured by Wright & Ditson in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, its lawn tennis equipment received the greatest acclaim. Twenty-five times between 1886 until 1916, the National All-Comers champion wielded a Wright & Ditson racquet. The Wright & Ditson tennis ball was the official ball ofthe U.S. Tennis Championship every year for over 60 years beginning in 1887.


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